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Attica, Athens c 450-404 BC
Pericles came to political power around 461 when he was associated with the events leading to Kimon being ostracized. Without Kimon, who served as Sparta’s Proxenos (intermediary) in Athens, Pericles was able to align the Argives and the members of the Delian League against the Peloponnesian League composed mainly with Sparta and Thebes. This led to the first First Peloponnesian War (460 – 445 BC). With the treasuries of the Delian League Pericles was able to issue many coins during this period. Obverse Athena wearing Attic helmet, ear clip and necklace. Reverse standing Owl and olive sprig within incuse square, ΑΘΕ.
Mint: Athens
Provenance: Private acquisition ex Gemini VII January 9, 2011 lot 375

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